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Dear Friends,

As you are all aware this is a time of change for us here at St. Mary and St. Thomas, and during this time of change we all have to be willing to accept that things will not always operate as smoothly as they have in the past, believe me I have learned this first hand. It was my full intention to have our Mass schedules continue as they have until September with no modifications during my scheduled vacation. However, even though I and my staff have made the best efforts that we can, we are unable to provide coverage for the 10:15 AM Mass on August 10th, however, the 10:30 Mass will be held at St. Mary’s in Coventry. In addition to this announcement I find it necessary to begin the new Mass schedule as of Saturday, August 23rdinstead of September 6th due to the unavailability of priests during August.

I want to extend my gratitude to you in advance for your understanding of this situation. It is not what I wanted or intended during this transition, however, the reality remains that there just aren’t enough priests to go around, and until we have more men entering seminary and being ordained situations like this will occur more frequently as our aging priest population moves into retirement.

As always if you have any concerns you wish to discuss with me about this my door is open to you. I ask that you keep me, St. Mary’s and St. Thomas in your prayers as we move forward in this new era for our two parishes.

God bless you all,

Fr. John

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