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Baptisms & Weddings

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SUNDAY 10 am

What time do you start?

Our Sunday service starts at 10 am. 

It is good to arrive between 5-15 mins before the service so that you can get comfortable, allow kids to feel settled and say hello to some new friends.

How do I find the door?

This might seem like an odd question, but from the Ansty Road side of the church, the door is not obvious. Take the road to the side of the church. This is called Hall Lane. A short way up you will see the entrance of the church on your right. This entrance has no steps so is great if you are coming with a pushchair or wheelchair.

When you arrive you come into the Lobby area of our church centre. 

What can I expect when I attend?

When you arrive you will be welcomed by our team and handed all the things you will need for the service. We use a little book with all the words in it and we say all the words in bold together. 

We also sing hymns from a different book. The hymns we will be singing will be at the front of the church on a board hung on the wall. 

The service has a lot of different sections in it. There will be some Bible reading, a time to pray, and a talk from someone. This talk is sometimes known as a sermon, homily or address. We also celebrate communion every week (this is the bit with the bread and the wine). 

How long does a service go on for?

The service should last about an hour but sometimes it may be slightly longer. 

There is also time after the service for refreshments so it would be great if you could stay for a little while afterwards.

What is there for the children?

We love to have children join us at St. Mary's and our vicar Revd Tom thinks it's great to have kids around during the service. Whether they are sitting nicely or running laps around the building, they are welcome. 

We are working towards becoming an ever increasingly family focused church. We would love for you to join us and help us as we make church irresistible environments for children. 

We also have Junior Church which is currently meeting every other week. Junior Church is a special group for children to receive age-appropriate teaching about the Christian faith. To find out more please click JUNIOR CHURCH to find out more. 

Does anything happen after the service?

We really love to get to know people. This is why we would love you to join us for refreshments after the service and get to know each other a bit more. Normally we have tea, coffee, biscuits and sometimes some amazing cake! 

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Where are you?

We meet in St Mary's Church, Hall Lane, Walsgrave, CV2 2AW

Is there parking?

 Sadly no. But, there is parking in the Red Lion pub right next door at a cost. Many of the members of church still park on the street, but, be aware that the area around the church is a permit area. 

 There are also some spaces for locking up bicycles on the right-hand side of the doors. 

The environmental choice

 As part of our commitment to becoming an environmental Christian community we want to encourage all those who are able, to choose a more sustainable method of travel to church. Walking, cycling, buses, and lift sharing are all options to join us at St. Mary's Coventry. 

There are a number of buses that bring you very close to the church. The bus stop is called Walsgrave Church and is on the Bus Route 8,9 and probably some others but we will have more details coming soon. 

I have more questions, who should I call?

 If you would like to talk to someone before you attend the service or would like to ask a specific question then please feel free to call Revd Tom 07539 551 398 or send us a message by clicking I'm New!



 We use the Octagon Room for this service which is a beautiful space for this more intimate celebration. 

If you want to see more about this wonderful worship space then enjoy looking through our GALLERY

After the Service

We really love to get to know people. This is why we would love you to join us for refreshments after the service and get to know each other a bit more. 

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This service doesn't have music or sung hymns. 

of music in the coming months. 

If you are interested in music then we have a choir group that you could join if you wanted to come and enjoy singing with us. 

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