Children in Worship

 We love children to be involved in worship at St. Mary's Coventry. So if your child wants to sit and watch the service, or if they want to sing along loudly, or even if they just run around the church, we are just happy to see them on a Sunday. 

We are working at creating ever-increasingly child-friendly spaces in our church. So feel free to come to see what we offer, and help us make it better. 

There are some bags in church with soft toys should you feel more comfortable with your child playing with quieter toys. Our biggest priority is helping the younger generations feel comfortable and welcome in our church. 

This is what our Revd Tom says, "I love children being in church. If they make a noise, so what?! I have a microphone and enjoy people interacting!" 

The St. Mary's community is a great environment to bring children up in. There is socialising, music, teaching that encourages people to love each other, fun, and don't forget the most important thing, BISCUITS! 

Helping Children Grow in Their Faith

Here are some resources that we think you might like and more importantly, that your children would like. 

Family Space

We have a newly created family space at St. Mary's for children to enjoy. We want children and parents to feel comfortable in church so we created a space for both to enjoy. Room for parking buggies, playing with toys, and still being able to join in with the service. At St. Mary's we are commited to helping every generation engage with their faith in worship. 

This is the beginning of a journey to helping families be comfortable and join in with worship at St. Mary's. Come and join us!

Growing in Faith

We want to support families to help them grow in their faith. Please check out the 'Growing in Faith' page for resource and inspiration to help your children engage more with their faith. 

Junior Church 

 We have some fantastic sessions for our children to join in with, with equally fantastic leaders. 

These sessions normally happen on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month. We would love it if your children would join us.   

Watch this space, we have more information and videos coming! 

Walsgrave Church of England Academy

Revd Tom Cook with the Head Teach of Walsgrave Church of England Academy Damien Sowerby

We love our church school. Our relationship with the school is one where we encourage our children and families to flourish through faith. 

This is achieved through assemblies, providing Governors, praying for and supporting staff, creating opportunities for parents and families to worship, and engaging with the wider community to create a better society for our children to live in. 

Check out their fantastic website to learn more about the school.

 Click HERE to discover how Christian Values help shape the school. 

We have brilliant links with the school and Revd Tom can often be found in the school. He delivers weekly assemblies and runs a weekly faith club in the school using the joy of Lego!

At the bottom of this picture and description of the vision for Walsgrave, you will see the passage from Jeremiah 29.11.

 '"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"'

The Christian values and identity are important for our Church school and St Mary's works closely with the school to support them in maintaining and developing their faithful witness.