Banns Information


What Are Banns?
Before your wedding, your plans to marry will be announced in church during the main Sunday service. It’s an ancient practice which gives others the opportunity to object to a marriage on legal grounds.

Where Will My Banns Be Read?
Your Banns must be read out before your wedding in the parish where you live and also in the parish where you’re getting married, if that’s somewhere else. If you and your partner live in different parishes, Banns must be read in both.

Why Are Banns Important?
Banns are a vital part of the legal side of marriage and it’s important that the correct procedure is followed.

When Will You Read Our Banns?
Banns are read on three Sundays during the three month period before your wedding. This happens during the Notices in our main Sunday service, at 10:00am. If you’d like to come along, we can provide you with the dates when your Banns will be read.

Do We Need to Hear Our Banns Being Read?
No, although many couples – and their families – like to come and hear their Banns read.

How Do I Know Which Parish I live in?
Enter your postcode on the A Church Near You site to find out which Parish you live in.

How Do I Arrange for My Banns to be Read?
If you live in the parish and you’re getting married in a church elsewhere, you’ll need to let us know so that we can read your Banns.